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Decants – Testers

Decanting is the process of transferring fragrance from its original bottle to a smaller, sterile atomizer. This creates fragrance decants that allow consumers to try genuine perfumes at a lower cost.

Sampling through decants lets you test a fragrance thoroughly before buying a full bottle, ensuring you make a smart choice. For the price of one retail bottle, you can try several similar fragrances and find your favourite. Our samples are hand-poured from original perfume bottles using sterile equipment into labeled atomizers.

While our products are not in licensed bottles, you get the original perfume labeled in our custom bottles of your chosen size. We respect fragrance artists by delivering their work in its pure form and never sell fakes or copies.

(Disclaimer) Our samples are decanted from original licensed design house fragrances and are not licensed products. Customers receive the original fragrance in a sterile vial, with no affiliation to the design house. We only use the fragrance itself from the original manufacturer, respecting their intellectual property.

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