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In 2009, driven by a passion for a healthy lifestyle and recognizing the efficacy of natural ingredients in beauty care, J. Cinaitiene and D. Noseviciene established the Academy of Biocosmetics. This pioneering venture became one of the first companies in Lithuania dedicated to crafting natural cosmetics.

Their mission is to offer women products that are consciously crafted, safeguarding both nature and the body. Simultaneously, we aim to empower customers to embrace their complete femininity, fostering a harmonious blend of inner and outer beauty.

Their vision is to cultivate a community of harmonious, self-assured, resilient, and exceptional women of all ages who prioritize comprehensive beauty care.

Through the BIOCOS academy product range and their communication approach, we strive to liberate women, demonstrating that femininity should not be confined to societal norms. They believe that beauty can take various forms and that being a woman is a miraculous phenomenon in its own right.

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