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Lattafa Perfumes Industries L.L.C is Dubai’s leading premium luxury perfumery of authentic Arabic fragrances and it makes the world of scent sophistication available for everyone.

Derived from the Arabic words ‘Latif’ meaning kindness and ‘Lateefa’ meaning pleasant, Lattafa is a brand that embodies the opulence and grace of Arabian culture. It beautifully encapsulates the essence of its rich heritage through its enchanting fragrances, evoking a sense of luxury and elegance.

In 1980, Lattafa Perfumes was born from the visionary minds of Mr. Sheikh Shahid Ahmad and Co-founder Mr. Shoaib Iqbal. Their aim was to craft exquisite, high-quality fragrances catering to the discerning tastes of local customers in the Middle East. What started as a humble startup quickly flourished into a prestigious company, gaining recognition for its exceptional creations. Today, Lattafa Perfumes proudly exports its products to the prominent GCC countries, leaving an indelible mark on the fragrance industry.

To perpetuate its remarkable legacy, the company introduced Lattafa in 1992, aiming to broaden its horizons beyond the Middle East and cater to customers worldwide. Over the course of several decades, Lattafa has evolved into a prominent perfume manufacturer and supplier, renowned for its exceptional creations. Today, they take immense pride in offering the finest perfumes, exemplifying their commitment to excellence and serving customers around the globe.

Lattafa welcomes you to an extraordinary realm of opulence and allure, where luxurious and exotic fragrances await. As your ultimate destination, they take pride in offering a collection of meticulously crafted homegrown scents that embody the essence of sophistication. Step into a world of sensory delights, where their fragrances captivate your senses and transport you to realms of timeless elegance. Experience the unparalleled beauty of Lattafa, where every scent tells a story of luxury.

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